Sunday, 10 August 2014

Dear readers, it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the end of Punky scraps for the foreseeable future. 

I set up this blog back in 2010 before mixed media etc became the trend because I loved being different and using inks and paints and when I had time. Since my car crash back in 2011 I have struggled with a lot of things personally - Mostly going back to work full time with my injuries and head mental issues. Now my son is growing older I need to be there for him; to help with school work and ferry him around to his various clubs and activities. 

I can't devote the time I want to for this blog and it makes me feel guilty that I can't provide amazing prizes as I don't have the time to hunt down sponsors. It also makes me feel guilty that the mail round here is so awful they lose most parcels I send out (and stuff I get at home - I've been fined and threatened with court action as they lost important docs relating to cars etc).  I also feel like I've let you all down and the DT by not being around as often as I should be. 

With special thanks to everyone who has participated, the DT especially Lee and Lesley for keeping this blog afloat for the past year, sponsors we've had and everyone. Looking through and deleting the next few months challenges inspires me and I really wish I could keep it running.......we might be back in a couple years when I hope to be on maternity until then I will leave you with this challenge: 

Beautiful patterns, colours, and shapes!
Use this image to help you complete the recipe challenge! 

You must use:

Love hearts
3 patterened papers

We can't wait to see what you create! 

Elisabetta Colavero
I immediately fell in love with the bright colors of this picture!
I followed the recipe: 3 patterned papers, one of which is used front and back, painting sprayed and with a mask, hearts and handwritten journaling.

Helene Bogren

I used yellow and green paint, two sticker hearts and tree patterned papers. My journaling is on the patterned paper in the lower right corner next to the photo.
Simply gorgeous. You see why I don't want to let go??

There is one last prize I have for this challenge ( not pictured yet) it's a surprise kit. 

Please link up your entry in the comments!! 

Love Nat and the team xx

Ps. If you are due a prize please could you contact me directly at njmacs AT gmail DOT com


  1. That's a shame. Being part of the team inspired me more than anything else in the scrapbook world ever has. I was sad to leave but the time was right.

  2. Having only recently found you and thoroughly enjoyed your interesting and unique challenges, I am very sad to receive this news, but it is completely understandable you need a life too!
    I didn't see a linky tool for your last challenge so here is my link to my blog.

  3. For a long time I wanted to participate in your challenges .. I finally found the right opportunity !!! these fantastic colors! My Lo:

  4. I'm very sad!!! Here my LO

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