Friday, 29 October 2010

Oh goodness me....

......I never dreamed i'd get so many appplications

I have tried to email individual thank yous out but if i missed you then "THANKS".

Thanks to everyone who has sent in designs and blogs and galleries - I have had such fun looking through the sheer lushness of them! :)

You are really making this hard.....I've got it down to 20 so far!!!

I'll be back with announcements!! :)

In the meantime Hop Over to Scrapbook Challenges as it's their

there are prizes !!!  :) 

ps. please know that i am rubbish at sending out negative emails. So if you get an email that offends you, or i should have said it in a different way...please don't be afraid to tell me (without swearing!)
Also please please stick around :)


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