Wednesday, 27 April 2011

and some more.....

Some more introductions for you, so please welcome 

Here is what Marie has to say:
"My name is Marie, but in the Scrap World I´m known as Mison. I am 36 years old, and live with my partner and my two children (7 and 3 yo.) in a small village in the North of Sweden. In 2004 when my son was born I found a lot of beautiful colored papers and embellishments in a craft shop, bought some and that was the beginning of it all... Now I spend as much time as possible at the scrap table, and it has developed to be my biggest hobby, as well as a big part of my life. For me scrapbooking is a way of contemplation. As I have a job that can be rather stressful, and two intensive children, scrapbooking gives me time to relax and run away from the "real world" for a while. It gives me a chance to use my creative nerve, and focus on my needs for a while. 
My "style" is colourful and playful. Being a part of a international team would be an honor and a great challenge to me "

And here is Marie's favourite layout:

 Here is what Cheryl has to say:
"Although a person’s style is not something I believe is ever fully polished – you’re inspired every day you’re alive, so why should your style stop developing? 
I’ve always gone against the grain – sometimes to my detriment, but I strive to be true to my character –so I think I’d make a great Punky Rebel because… well, I already am one, in a sense J."

 Here is Cheryl's favourite layout:

and returning

and here is my fave layout of Kat's from the past few months:

Kat returns as DT Coordinator for Team A :) 

**Don't forget 3 days to go**


  1. Fantastic work Rebels Chicas! :)

  2. These are some of my faves too! You guys rock! So glad I'm in your team!

  3. So nice to work with you all!!


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