Friday, 24 June 2011

Spotlight on......

This is something new for our blog so on the last friday of every month I am going to spotlight one of our very talented rebel girls!! Today we are spotlighting Kat Poole, who has been with Punky Scraps since the site first started.

Here are 10 random Facts about Kat:

(1) Favorite current snack at the moment: Apple slices with peanut butter

(2) Favorite color combo: Turquoise and Orange

(3) She adores summertime thunderstorms...what's more peaceful than reading a book on the couch while thunder rolls in the background?

(4) Current online addiction: Pinterest! Find Kat's pinboards here.

(5) Favorite scrappy product: acrylic paint

(6) She's an only child.

(7) She owns way too many dresses...and doesn't even wear them that often!

(8) Favortie city to visit: Las Vegas, Nevada

(9) Loves watching old, dorky sci-fi/romantic TV shows like "Smallville" and "Roswell."

(10) Has movie ADD - she cannot sit through an entire movie without getting up at least 5 times for food, bathroom breaks, etc!

And, here are 5 of Kat's favorite layouts that she has made:

(This "Us" layout was actually the fist layout that Kat made for Punky Scraps!)

Like Kat's work? Check out more of her stuff at her blog.


  1. Fab facts Kat. I can definitely identify with the thunderstorms one. We are in desperate need of one here at the moment to clear the muggy air.

  2. Love the fact about Kat!And what a beautiful work!

  3. Love your layouts all so fun and colorful!..:)

  4. Love Kat's work! Its quirky, fresh and unique- and fantastically designed (can't forget that)


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