Thursday, 1 September 2011

Spotlight......changes.....and wanna design for Punky Scraps?

Hope you have enjoyed the challenges this month - look out for a winner in the next few days!!
Today I am going Spotlight the lovely Camilla who is resigning as a designer from Punky Scraps.  But never fear, she is staying to design some superbly punky sketches for you all to enjoy!! 

I want to say a massive thank you to you Camilla for all that you have done for Punky Scraps since the start and we hope you have fun being back at work :) 

So here are some of my fave LO's from Camilla: 

Hope to see you back soon!!

Some of the other changes to Punky Scraps are:

Maureen has found she has very little time to include Punky Scraps and so we bid her Adieu. Thanks for al you have done!
Dawn may rejoin the team in the next few months - our hugs are with you love!!
Jess will be back with us in October - Yay!
Celina Matthews joined us as a Punky Designer - woop woop! :)
Wendy Morris has joined us as a sort of freelance designer - Woo!!

All this means that we need some NEW punky rebels....WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN US?  

Do you like paint? Mist? Making a mess? You do? Then we'd love to hear from you!!! 

Here is what you need to do: 

Email me at punkeescraps @ gmail DOT com  (without the spaces etc).

A:   Name
B:   Bio & Blog
C:   Headshot of you for the blog
D:  Your favourite creation.  It can be anything. BUT just send me ONE or a LINK to your gallery.
E:  Tell me why you want to be a Punky Rebel.

I need reliable applicants only please.  Open to all.

Here are the rules (there have to be some don't there????)

1. End date:  MONDAY 5th SEPTEMBER 2011  (it's not long, but you are only sending me your fave)
2. Term is from October until June 2012
3. There are 3 challenges each month. You will design on a month on month off rota. 
4. Leaving blog love (hahaha!) is a must. It's how we keep our fantastic punky rebels playing :) 
5. Please only apply if you have the time to dedicate to Punky Scraps. Thanks. 
6. I can't offer any product, but i can offer you recognition (we have had designers who have moved on to design for KaiserKraft and Kuretake!), a bio on the blog, a DT Badge and some super funky challenges!! 

Can't wait to see who applies..all previous applicant are encouraged to re-apply...i don't keep emails with personal details etc etc. 

I WILL ONLY EMAIL THE SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS.  This is not out of rudeness, it is merely a time issue. Thank you :) 

nat xox

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  1. Wow this site rocks. I certainly will come back. Good luck in choosing your DT!


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