Thursday, 27 October 2011

Punky Feature - Bits and Pieces of Mandy

Hi All!!! My name is Mandy Harrell aka CraftySprinkles and I have been a Punky Rebel since June of this year!! I love love love this team and all the fun and funky challenges that they do!!  I figured I would show you some of my favorite pages from past to present and then I will tell you a little about myself after that :)

It's always hard doing a write up on myself, but I will just go with it and see what happens.....  :)

So I am a SAHM of 5 kids and an awesome, hard working, hubby!!  Next to paper art, I love photography and hope to own my own studio one day!!  My kids are all awesome subjects to work with and are willing to dress up in costumes for me at the drop of a hat!! Here are a few more facts about me:

- I recently stopped biting my nails after 34 years.
- I like to cut my split ends one by one when I get super bored.
- I love the TV show American Horror Story.
- I am a true blonde, but it's a dark blonde, so I highlight it.
- My scrap room is what I like to call organized chaos.
- I like syrup on my mac n' cheese (homemade not boxed)
- I homeschool my kids.
- I love the red Swedish Fish!
- I am currently reading The Game of Thrones.
- My favorite movie of all time is Grease.
- I love to dance.
- If I could be a super hero I would be Wonder Woman!

That's me in a nut shell!!  Thanks for taking the time to read some bits and pieces about me!! Have fun and thank you for playing along here at Punky Scraps!!


  1. I think your spotlight write up is too cute!!! I just picked up on some fun new facts about you too. Wonderful pages, love each one!!!!! WTG Mandy!!!!

  2. you are just hysterical your work as always and I don't know when you sleep either LOL you are one busy woman!!

  3. Thanks for letting us know more about you and showing some of you awesome work.

    "I love the red Swedish Fish!" - Not Norwegian then? Have to ask... hehe. But, yes. The Swedish one we have here in my vicinity is kickin' ass.

  4. Hey Mandy - such beautiful creations. I love the Little Red Riding Hood page! Great to get to know you a little better! x

  5. You are an amazing Wonder Woman! I stopped biting my nails after 40-some years! Your LO are fabulous! Love all the layers! I scrapbook, but got sidetracked and into cardmaking. Awesome layouts. Love them all!


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