Friday, 6 January 2012

Challenge 37 - always coca cola ;)

The first Challenge of this year and I have picked this picture for your inspiration! It's quite apt considering it's very mild outside for this time of year!!
So how does this image inspire you? Is it grids? colours? Seasons? Vintage? 
Whatever it is we would love to see!!!

As always here is some truly magnificent inspiration from our Team B rebels!

From the inspirational image, all I could see was that lovely winter scene. Maybe because I live in the hot desert and it is 80 degrees right now and we are in winter!?! Well I don't see snow often, so when we went to Disneyland a few weeks ago it "snowed" right there on Main Street. It was so magical! I caught Jasmine looking right at a "small snowflake" with such a genuine smile, I thought this looked like it came from a Coke commercial. I used some bottle caps to punk it up a bit for the Coca Cola theme. I painted clear molding paste on to the cardboard before misting, and it really gave a glossy, sheer. "Enjoy" is one of the many motto's the company has, so I used it as my title.

I decided to go with the colors of the photo rather than the theme of it. These four cuties are my kiddos. For the title work I simply used a rub on. The ribbon is very easy to crinkle like this. Just take a tape runner and go down the entire length of the ribbon and then apply and scrunch as you lay it down on the paper. TFL!!

I like the squares in the picture and decided to make lots of them... The colors turned out really christmassy, and the photo is from last summer, but I kind of like the combination!

When looking through some old photos, I came across this one of my youngest daughter and I, taken 10 years ago. It is one of my very favorites of all time, and I decided to make it a little better by scanning and editing. I was struck by how quickly things have changed, and how she's gone from a baby, to a 4th grader in what seems like the blink of an eye, so I titled it "Time Flies", I thought that fit the coca-cola theme well. The whole back of the layout is covered in journaling, as I had a lot to say, hehe. The clock is made from a Crafter's Workshop stencil, and the denim is from old jeans I had back around the time this picture was taken. I created the wing on grunge board, using a stencil, gesso, and glitter, and then fussy cut the whole thing.

Celebrate 2011! When I looked at the inspiration piece I though of a few things- circles, the color red, a grid format  and Vintage Americana. I just chose the grid because I'm in the middle of organizing for Project 365 (where you take 1 photo a day) and I didn't want to mess everything up again looking for my vintage and red scrap things. Here I'm documenting the crazy day we had on New Year's Eve. We visited 3 places in order to be with our entire family. We ended the day at 11:20pm when Lola threw her first official tantrum with legs kicking the floor. Dave and I were too amazed to stop and take a photo. Many of the items I  used came from Gauche Alchemy mixed media color packs.

As always, there are prizes so look out for them and our December winner soon!!! 
Happy Scrapping Punks!


  1. wow! awesome pages by everyone!!

  2. I love all the different inspiration from everyone!!! Great job!

  3. Fabulous inspiration from Team B!


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