Friday, 3 February 2012

Challenge 40 - tra la la & rainbows!!

Welcome to February.......The month of love....PAH!! Bwahahaha, i'm such a misery....doesn't mean i'm not in love or anything....i just don't see all the money and hype behind St. Valentine's day!!

So it's doodles and rainbows for you this month and here is a picture to inspire you!!

and here is what Team A have for you:

I loved this challenge! The image was such good inspiration, I'm not normally one to doodle and I rarely create a layout without any patterned paper, so this really was a challenge! I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

I loved the patchwork aspect of the inspiration piece, so that inspired my patchwork heart and sorta messy chevron pattern. I also loved the pops of rainbow, so I was happy to work in a bit of color to my layout :o)

I love the colors in the rainbow picture as well as the patchwork pattern and the cluster. I have tried to make a similar approach using gesso, masks and different mist on my background.

I love rainbows...on this pic you can see (if you look very good) two rainbows...Love to see them ,they make me happy :) I was a bit late for this challenge so I had to keep it simple..Just a green 30x30 paper and some gesso.a pic some alpha's and smooch pearlized accent inkt to paint the squares on.

I loved that image! I was most inspired by the flourished clouds and the streams of rainbows.  Inspired also by pinterest, I made my own stamp from a Styrofoam plate to mimic the patterns in the pic.
My title, brick wall, and funky flowers are all courtesy of  Scrapfx!

So this challenge just about killed my hand but I loved it so much!! Especially since I pretty much did most of this page at work! I also went through about 2 black pens but I really love the finished look. I wasn't really going for an 80s vibe but I am digging it. That's one of the things I love about mists the most. It creates the coolest effects and if you don't like how it looks you can add more colors until you do!

So this picture, for me, inspired me to scrap a picture of my messy desk which was in complete and utter chaos for the start of the new year. The picture inspired me to use a rainbow of colors, splatters of black mist, clouds with wrting on them, stripes, and a random variety of transparency designs. I can say that I felt rather free creating this one.

I'm sure you will agree Nat gave us an amazing picture for inspiration.  I took the grid and the colours from it and used a photo of my son pointing at the clouds from our loft window.

 This image put everything about the direction in which I'd like my style to go in one place - it was a match made in heaven! It's not tidy, but I love it! Also, it inspired me to publish a rant on inspiration...see my blog ;-)

Don't they inspire you???  Link up your projects by the 29th of February :)

Check back for an announcement and prize winners!! Punky Crafting! xox


  1. Wow every page is so playful and creative. BRAVO!

  2. wow,amazing work ladies and all so different!!Lovely work!;)

  3. Great work ladies.. Love all the color and designs!! :)


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