Friday, 24 February 2012

Spotlight on..... Mison/Marie

Time for you to know more about me then. Here comes some random facts about me...

- I´m color crazy but live in a house with white, grey and beige walls.
- I am nuts about my job, and get excited when there is a cardiac arrest.
- Well, as a follow up to the above - I work as a nurse at an Cardiac intensive care unit.
- I have a big house, a black car, a greenhouse and a lot of rubbish in the closet, but clean and tidy in the room.
- I LOVE all sort of rock, but Heavy Metal is my love.
- I do enjoy exercising until I almost puke.
- My kids look like me when I was little.
- I´m a fairly good knitter
- I dream job at the age of 10 was journalism.
- I love historical novels and fantasy.
- I can´t spell, can NO Swedish grammar, but have always had top grades in Swedish language.
- I think faster in English...
- I can cook as good as a chef.
- I´m nuts about Zinfandel wine.
- I own a kit company - Little Yellow House Kits.

This is some of my work not shown here at Punky Rebels.

Go right ahead and check out more in my blog!


  1. Hej tjejen! Inte visste jag att du var med i detta dt. Kul :) hälsningar från en annan svensk.

  2. Great fun facts Marie!!! Wonderful projects! TFS!

  3. You had me laughing with your love for a good cardiac arrest!

  4. I LOVE your work!!!amazing and nice to read!!

  5. great collection full of colour anf fun themes

  6. Love the random facts. That is a great journaling technique that I tend to forget about. Love all the misting and paint splatters on your layouts!

  7. These are great projects Marie! LOVE the card and the first page with the paint circles is really fantastic. Love your personal facts run down!


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