Friday, 30 September 2011

Another Punky Feature.....Natalie Jane!!

Hello!!!  It's another Punky Feature!!

Let me introduce myself......I am Nat and i first set up this blog in October 2010 with the first challenges starting in December.  So we are nearly 1 year old!!  I started scrapbooking in 2009 and began experimenting with inks, paints and sprays from the start....anyone would think i like to get messy!

Well, let me tell you why i set this place up..... i like to do things a bit different....i believe there is no right or wrong in scrapbooking - just what you like to do!! It's a hobby after all and you are supposed to enjoy it...not try to emulate others.
It might surprise you, that i do not like art, in fact i disliked it that much, i stopped taking it at school. My love for colour, paint, metal & texture comes from my love for Chemistry.
As for my inspiration: it comes from everywhere...and since blogger is free i thought i'd share it with the help of some incredibly talented and like minded ladies :)

You get a mix of challenges to inspire you to create from sketches, to photos, to random products & techniques.  Anything goes here - we just want you to create and share!! :)

So, my stuff......

 Made in 2010 Inspired by an All Time Low album cover

 Using up my photos! Made 2011

 Made in summer 2010. 

 Made in 2010.
 Made April this year using Scrap Rat Kit.

Two of my first layouts from 2009. I used stickles mixed with paint to colour in the word baby.
 my frist masking layout from 2009

Well, thats how my brain unravels on paper!!

A few random bits about me?
* i don't like art
* i LOVE paint.
* i don't have a tv license so therefore don't watch tv.
* i'm a mum.
* i love animals especially tigers and sharks.
*i don't like cats.
* i make a mess when im creating....who doesn't???
* i love bill bailey
* i'm nearly 30
* i sniff paper
* i also sniff new books.
* i've sprayed myself in the face with my mists
*i'm messy, but then i'm a messy chemist too...not so much a messy cook
* i love to cook and bake
* i love to eat what i cook and bake
* i get lost when i'm creating and can create for hours and hours with out a break.
* i love my job
* i'm striving to find inner peace.
* i'm scottish therefore a bit feisty.

Hope you love it here as much i have loved creating it !!


  1. What fun tidbits to read about you Nat. So interesting!! Wonderful los to share....thank you!

  2. Gorgeous array of layouts, Nat!

  3. Nat how can you not like art? To me that's like saying I don't like water! :) LOVE these layouts!!! AWESOME stuff!!! Boo I'm 2 is AMAZING!!!! I really need to try to use paint more- I'm scared of the unpredictable nature of it. Thanks for sharing those random bits- will keep them in mind. :)

  4. Great to hear so much about you :-). LOVE your creations - always have done. You are slowly inspiring me to use paint more but I too am scared of it! I'm still using it in a controlled way :-)

  5. I love your style and so happy you started punky scraps!!!

  6. I love your style Natalie Jane! I love your use of color & the overall collage feel of your layouts. Truly inspiring! :)


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