Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Punky Feature- Michelle Hernandez


I was thinking over this child-free weekend (THANKS GRAMMS!!) just what exactly what I could do for my Punky feature? What would I write? Should I make up a new page?
Uhhm- DUUUH! YES!!!!
Here's the page:
Overwhelming Beauty from a sketch by Camilla Dahlstrom
And let me tell you a little about myself right now:

  • I love art. I love abstract art most of all, it allows me to think.
  • I don't like pets much, they should be left alone to live fun furry lives in their natural environs.
  • I like plants. I like visiting botanical gardens and make sure to include them in every trip.
  • I like creating things although I wish I could sew my own clothes.
  • To quote Jerry Maguire- "You think we're ARGUING and I think were finally COMMUNICATING."
  • I have a baby girl I call Miss Lola whom I photograph incessantly and a husband (The Hubmeister Flex) who rolls his eyes when I talk about "my work". That's ok as long as he doesn't try to stop me.
  • I find scrapping holidays, birthdays ,weddings or anything requiring lots of themed bits and bobs stressful and angst ridden. I'm an everyday details kinda gal.
  • I believe in the power of redemption and of hope.
  • I am a messy scrapper because I don't want to spend time measuring and matching and considering. I just want to have fun.
  • I have a serious reality TV show paper hoarding habit but I can still see the counter tops and floors (so it's "not that bad".)
So there you have it- a bit of me in a bottle. Here are a few pages so you get an idea of my brain- on paper.
Happy- my first monochromatic page 
Tags project for Kreatorville Krafts

A page to put my kid on notice-
the humiliation started long before 12. 
A page for the 9/19/11 "Stretch Your Sketch" class at 2 Peas In A Bucket.

Smiles and kittens (ZOMBIE ONES!)



  1. Michelle! I LOVE that white page! I wanna do one!! x

  2. Love your pages, Micelle! My favorite is the Embarrassing page! Lol.

  3. It is always a pleasure reading about your life Michelle. I enjoy your stories very much. Fun fun fun!

  4. wow Michelle,I love your work!!all very pretty!And I LOVE to read about you!!

  5. WOW Michelle - that monochromatic page is stunning and I simply ADORE those tags too. Was great to read a bit more about you and the way your brain works too!!
    Lowri :-)

  6. Love your work Michelle and fun to read more about you!

  7. Michelle is a scrapping goddess! I so love your style girl!


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