Monday, 10 June 2013

#64 - June

Summer is finally here and we have a NEW challenge!!!

We also have a TWO guest designers: Please welcome...........


and Karolina!

Your challenge! What inspiration can you take from this summer collage?

Do you need a sketch to help you on your way?

Here is Lesley's layout:

And Karolina a.k.a. Drycha with "Warm Summer Nights"
Karolina's sketch was made with her own products, stamps and chipboard, from 3rd Eye!  The stamps are the TES-131 moth, TES-122 night sky, and chipboard TEC-007 moths, which fit the stamp perfectly!  The chipboard pieces will be revealed this Wednesday, so here is your sneak peek!  These products  can be found at:  3rd Eye 

Hello to everybody. This is my first page for Punky Scraps.  I was inspired by the festive atmosphere of the image, so I chose a picture of a small party among friends. I set the scene in an ideal city in celebration, with garlands and fireworks.

This month's challenge makes me think of fairs, amusement parks, and carnival rides.  This picture was taken in 2009 at Navy Pier in Chicago.  I am so glad it is summer.  It is time to get outside and make every outing an adventure!

I was inspired by the variety of colors and patterns in the inspiration collage. 

I loved the vibrant colors in the inspiration collage and the felling that there are too much of everything. I wanted to transform that to my page and used a photo taken at Tivoli. I also followed the sketch.

The first thing I thought when I saw the inspiration photo was how much of a sensory overload my 9 year old would find it. He has aspergers syndrome and as such has difficulties filtering noises out so can often be found with his hands covering his ears. I instantly thought of this photo which was taken 5 years ago when we were at a steam fair. The noises were just way too overpowering for him. 


Thanks for visiting and playing along with the punky scrap rebels!!