Friday, 30 March 2012

Spotlight on...."Punk Rocker" Cheryl C.

Here are some fun facts about me:

-Today, March 30th, is my Birthday!!!
-Every Birthday, I demand a chocolate chip cookie dough (with extra cookie dough) Blizzard from Dairy Queen.  YUM!!!!
-I love chocolate.  Dove is usually my go to, when I need my fix.
-Huge movie fan!!!  I normally don't go to the movies, but will be the first to rent them once they are out on DVD.
-"The Sitter" was the last new release I saw, and I thought it was hilarious.
-Nighttime is my best time....staying up late is very normal for me (1-2am).
-With that said, I am sooo not a morning person...please don't talk, look or go near me lol.
-My family consists of 1 husband, 3 kiddos and 2 Maltipoos (Maltese mixed with Poodle).
-Been a massage therapist for 12 years.
-I have been scrapping since 2009.
-Distressing and inking are "my thing".  I don't use paints/mists all that much, and when I do, I always try to make it look "perfect"....funny I know.
-My punky style is geared to using funky papers, layering with lots of distressing, going to the darker side of things (where no man has ever gone before lol) and just being unique.

Here are some of my punkier layouts throughout the last year that weren't part of the Punky Scraps challenges (from past to present):

And my most favorite punky page of all time:

And my most favorite Punky Scraps challenge page from this DT term:

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of me.  Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.  Click HERE for my blog!!!


  1. COOL! I love that first page with all the different patterns and edge detail- I never noticed you don't use mists but now that you mention it- DUH! I really like how consistent and distinct your style is. I also love how you try new techniques and make your own embellishments- there's always several things on a page that make me look twice and go WOW! Happy Birthday!

  2. Love them all.. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday Cheryl!! :-) I love your layouts... The pink one is soo cool and cute! Also love the one with all the buttons, all the details... But they are very special! I haven't noticed you don't use paint or mist, but now I will look... ;-)

  4. They are all very special it should say... And it was supposed to sound positive... Stupid iphone... ;-)

  5. Love thema all - really amazing!

  6. Your work is so awesome Cher!! You are a rockstar girl!!

  7. Super pages it's gorgeous - love all the colours and layers on your pages.

  8. hope you had a great birthday :) :)
    great pages!!
    n xox


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